Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We specialize in private sales. These sales are by invitation). They occur when clients are concerned about liability or the possibility of theft. Some private communities do not allow public estate sales, and some clients live in places where there is little or no parking. We had an opportunity to hone our skills at sales by invitation only during the pandemic.

Yes. Our most commonly used agreement is customized according to your preferences and situation. Everything we have promised you verbally is included for easy reference.

If necessary, we can do a successful sale in ten days from signing the contract to the last customer. However, if time is not an issue, two and a half to three weeks is what we recommend.

Costly mistakes that frequently occur in this business with the Inexperienced, don’t happen with us.

Some cities require a “garage sale permit” to have an estate sale.
To name a few that do, San Gabriel, San Marino, South Pasadena, and Beverly Hills.

Yes! As required by law, we charge the prevailing rate of sales tax for the jurisdiction in which your home is situated unless the buyer has a valid CA Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration Resale Permit.

Yes! We do very well with autos, (late model, antique, vintage & collectable), boats, motor homes and aircraft; all at a discounted commission.

Valuables are never sold at our public sales. They are sold by appointment only to vetted customers. This includes listed art, fine jewelry, sets of sterling flatware and hollowware.

Absolutely not! We cannot have a successful sale if family members are present. No clients or family of clients are allowed during sales activity.