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ABOUT YOUR SALE - How it Works

If you are getting ready to hire an estate liquidator, the best way to decide is to make an appointment with us at the home where the sale will be held. We can tour the home; you can share the details of your situation and get your questions answered. We will give you a sample contract so you will know what you can expect from us and what we will need from you.

Ideally, things that the family plans to keep will have been removed before we begin. Some family members may live in other cities, and this can sometimes be a long process.

Once you are able to select dates for your sale, we create your contract. You will have already read the sample we gave you at our first meeting. You give us access with a key and agree not to be present at any time during the process of Phase I and Phase II of your project.

How Your Sale Will Progress to its Conclusion

Phase I

We prepare your home for the sale, bringing in our tables to display your smaller items. We stage your home’s contents for the sale, plan your space for security and safety, and concurrently keep appointments with our most important buyers. These people are successful antique dealers, interior designers, gallery owners and rug dealers. They are hunting for art, unusual things and vintage items. Our normal hours on site during this phase are 11am to 4pm, but we will only be present when we are preparing or have appointments.

At the end of Phase I, we price everything, take photographs of the remaining items which will be posted with your ads, and perform the marketing for your public sale. At that point, your sale goes dark for four or five days to give everyone a chance to find your ads.

Phase II

This is your Public Sale. We will post directional signs if it is allowed by your city or municipality. There will be a sign-up sheet at your entrance. People will stand in line for hours before we open and there will be a great deal of activity throughout each day. About 75% of the time, we conduct sales on Saturday and Sunday with shorter hours on Sunday. Occasionally, only one public day is necessary. This usually occurs when the amount to sell is smaller.

Phase III

Without guidance, clients or realtors will sometimes schedule carpet cleaners, window washers or even painters the day after a sale is over. Please allow three or four days before scheduling any such work. Years ago, we might have had an almost empty house at the end of the sale. However, 12 or 14 publicly held companies are having furniture manufactured in China and imported to the United States every single day. They are able to deliver an entire dining room set for under $500 to a first-time retail buyer. The Gen Z and Millennials are spending their money on education and travel, and are not focused on quality interiors. The Baby Boomers who once haunted second-hand stores to furnish their first home are grandparents now. Consequently, many things, mostly furniture if it is not modern, may remain at the end of your sale. Cleanouts are not part of our service, but we will coordinate it for you at your request and deduct the cost from your proceeds to pay for it if you so choose. And there are numerous tips we can offer.

You can order a special pick-up from your refuse company if you live in an area that offers it on a regular basis. Some areas allow you to put things on the curb for free. But frequently, no one takes them. You can contact a charity but most of them don’t pick up anymore. Sadly, this isn’t an easy project. The quicker, more efficient alternative is to hire a cleanout company. We work with a few and can recommend one or two if you like. Most of these companies will donate the donatable and provide you with a receipt.

All Personal Property Appraisals & Estate Liquidations

Customized Clean-Out Solutions

While clean-outs aren't a standard part of our service, we are readily available to coordinate the process at your request, deducting the cost from your proceeds if preferred. The challenge in disposing of post-sale items lies in the changing avenues for discarding or donating furniture. Traditional options like charity pick-ups have dwindled due to surplus, making the process less straightforward. Therefore, a clean-out is more likely today than ever. We collaborate with a select few and can recommend options tailored to your needs, ensuring responsible disposal and even the possibility of some items finding new life through resale.

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